2019 Global Outlook

GlobalWonks engaged our network to learn what opportunities and upside risks our Wonks foresee in the year to come. While the U.S. presently is the dominant driver of global affairs, with our Wonks’ global distribution, we were able to capture a view of the world that was not Washington-centric. Over 50 wonks in 24 countries responded to a series of Network PulseTM questions, and their answers present a comprehensive snapshot of global trends important to business. This report highlights the outlook of our Wonks and their expected deviations from it, as well as insightful links they drew between local and global developments.

We asked them for:

1. Top global issues to watch.
2. Top issues in their region or country.
3. Developments underemphasized on business leaders’ and investors’ radars.

GlobalWonks Network Coverage

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GlobalWonks is a technology-enabled platform with on-call access to over 1600 global business and policy experts (wonks) located in over 100 countries. They include consultants, academics, journalists, lawyers, and medical professionals with rich knowledge of their countries’ governance and regions, as well as the industries and issues that shape their economies. To harness their insights, we invented Network Pulse, a patent-pending product that takes each client question, identifies the best set of wonks to answer it, and gets those answers to the client within minutes or hours.

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